What is the price difference of an organic essential oil?

You are interested in aromatherapy and you are wondering about the price of essential oils in general and essential oils with the organic label in particular. Is there a price difference between an organic and a non-organic essential oil, how is this difference justified by

The price of essential oils varies mainly according to the type of gasoline

There are large price differences between essential oils, whether organic or not. For example, the price of essential oils such as cinnamon, lemongrass or the very remarkable and classic wintergreen can vary between 4 and 5 euros per 15ml bottle. The Italian essential oil of helihrysis, on the other hand, can reach the price of 30 &euro per 5 ml bottle.

These price differences can be explained by different factors: the rarity of the plant, its production area (distant or local), the complexity of the extraction and manufacturing processes to be used to produce the essential oil. A difficult essential oil will be more expensive to distill.

The price of organic essential oils

Essential oil

The essential oils bio are generally a little more expensive than non-organic oils. The organic label is a guarantee of high quality of the essential oil and therefore of the product's efficiency. It is obtained when the plant is from organic farming, i.e. grown according to precise and rigorous specifications.

Multiple criteria are taken into account in these specifications: the nature and quality of the soil on which the plants are grown, the ban on chemical fertilizers, the ban on pesticides and any other chemical products. Organic labelled products are controlled by a certified body (the name of the certifying body must appear on the label of the essential oil packaging).

The main reason for the price difference is that compliance with the specifications results in lower crop yields and the cost of certification is taken into account.

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