Where are essential oils made?

The process of manufacturing essential oils is not new: tribes who were adept at soft medicine and aromatherapy manufactured several centuries ago already started what could be called essential oils today. Today, the industrialization of the manufacturing process allows institutes and laboratories to produce a significant quantity of these oils to cover all continents.

One manufacture on all continents

Organic essential oils (click here) are produced on the basis of aromas and essences of plants, seeds and trees. Raw material is found mainly in tropical areas, such as Central Africa, Papua New Guinea, the South Pacific islands and the Amazonian forest. However, some essential oils are extracted from plants located in oceans and temperature environments, such as Europe or North America.

Essential oils

As a general rule, essential oils are produced on all continents. Plants can even be found at high altitudes, ranging from several thousand metres above the level of the oceans.

A manufacturing plant near the site where the raw material is located

Vegetables are a perishable commodity and since it is difficult to package and transport them to industrial sectors, essential oils are usually produced near the area where the associated plant is located. It is not uncommon for the essential oils manufacturing plant to be located in the immediate vicinity of the fields where the crops are grown.

It should be noted that it takes several tens of kilograms of vegetation to produce one kilogram of essential oils, which is why it is necessary to limit logistical constraints and the length of the transport route. These factories provide employment and support for villages in rather poor and isolated countries.

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