Can essential oils of ylang ylang ylang ylang be used to treat heart problems?

Essential oils are the components of a pharmacopoeia called aromatherapy. They are extracted from plants by distillation. This highly concentrated essence or oil gives maximum effectiveness to the medicinal properties of the plant. Ylang-ylang (Latin name Cananga odorata) grows in the wild in hot and humid countries. As in Indonesia or Madagascar and more particularly on the island of Nosybe. It is used as a perfume fixative and an essential oil is obtained from it for external use. It should be diluted in your bath or mixed with a cream for a facial or body massage. But these are not its first qualities.

Ylang-Ylang essential oil effective for three main categories of disorders

Essential oils

Ylang-Ylang essential oil has three main medicinal properties. It treats stress-related disorders and makes the person agitated, nervous, causing difficult sleep and nightmares. All possible symptoms of a latent death. Second axis of treated disorders: those that define a nervousness that is difficult to manage because it is physiological. Such as irritability caused by menopause, menopause disorders, painful rules, frigidity.

Curb your stress with Ylang-Ylang

essential oil

Your work, your life in general, creates a feeling that you no longer have control over anything. You are agitated, nervous, anxious. And to top it all off, your motivation takes over. Incommensurable fatigue causes you to experience nervous blockages or uncontrollable mood swings. The essential oil of Ylang-Ylang is then effective.

Care of mild cardiac disorders

Ylang-Ylang essential oil here is prescribed for people with mild heart problems. This means palpitations, arrhythmia or tachycardia. As a strictly external use, you will heal yourself in very regular olfactory conditions during the day by carrying the scent of the oil deposited on the inside of each wrist to your nose. Or if you can, directly by breathing in the bottle. If you want to apply the oil to your chest, dilute it first in a sweet almond oil for example.

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